Adam Gacka, August Jackson Director of Video Production

Adam Gacka, Director of Video Production

I recently spent some time at NAB 2019 in Las Vegas, the ultimate event for media, entertainment and technology professionals looking for new and innovative ways to create and deliver content. The experience inspired me to ponder the many choices a filmmaker must consider when approaching any given project.

NAB can be overwhelming, but the experience is a perfect metaphor for what it’s like to be a filmmaker. The sheer volume of options available can leave you wondering if you used the right combination of gear and people to tell the best story. There are an infinite number of ways to approach even the simplest project and it goes well beyond the camera and lenses you use.

Care to witness the chaotic genius of NAB for yourself? Check out my highlight reel:



At August Jackson, we believe that the key to navigating these waters is having the right perspective. It’s easy to get distracted by new technology and trends, but if you’re not focused on how your decisions will elevate the story or achieve your clients’ objectives, your work will fall flat. Higher volume, smaller budgets, and quicker turnarounds are the reality we’re faced with, but having a clear set of guiding principles is how AJ sets itself up for success.