By Kristin Maffeo, Mel Rodgers, and Dan Borre – AJ Production Team members

Ever been to a Target parking lot on a Saturday? Row after row of cars, there for the viewing. Seems like you could go there instead of an auto show, right? WRONG! The August Jackson team attended the New York International Auto Show and, while the cars were awesome, there was something bigger than the product that fueled our enthusiasm. It was the way that brands engaged attendees—either employing the latest and greatest technology or by way of old school/non-tech activations. This duality is what truly drove value for attendees.

The sounds of excited chatter, revving engines and high-energy music enveloped us as we made our way from exhibit to exhibit. Massive video walls made larger-than-life brand statements. Flashy content filled every corner of the space on large LED walls, projection screens and monitors. Beautiful backdrops featured everything from printed leather to applied vinyl on custom-etched glass and sophisticated displays showcased product accessories or awards. Check out our highlight reel – you’ll feel like you were right there with us:

Amidst the automotive pomp and circumstance, the AJ team identified the standout trends for how automotive brands today are creatively engaging with consumers, whether through leveraging the latest technology, or pairing it down to a simple, yet powerfully meaningful interaction. Here are the takeaways that we drove away with…