Employee Engagement

We help organizations align their people practices to their purpose to build strong communities of engaged employees.

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Mergers, leadership changes, re-orgs, technology — these are all realities that contribute to an employee’s level of engagement with their organization. With all this unpredictability, a strategy for employee engagement can help your business not only maintain stability, but flourish. After all, employee engagement is linked to organizational benefits such as better customer experience, greater employee satisfaction, lower turnover, higher profits, and much more.

Using our Employee Engagement Framework, we help clients align their people practices to their purpose in a way that drives the culture they desire. By assessing the way your channels and hierarchies interact with each other, we can take a comprehensive look at how the system is operating in order to ensure engaged employees with your purpose at the center.


Our Solutions Are Steeped In:

People-Centricity. We take a design-thinking approach to create human-centered solutions to organizational people problems.

Cognitive Psychology. We understand how people think, behave, learn and change in an organizational setting and design the kinds of solutions that drive true behavior change.

Creative + Design. We take a personalized approach to every recommendation, building a compelling narrative across channels, capturing the most salient messaging and reinforcing through visual iconography and storytelling.

Systems Thinking. We think of organizations as networks of inter-connected individuals, not hierarchies. We think about the upstream and downstream implications of changes.




We work with you

to understand your “why,”

your vision, your expectations,

and the needs of your community.


Leveraging our

Employee Engagement Framework,

we develop a strategic platform and

make tactical recommendations.


We put purpose into practice

by executing on strategy

and producing measured results

against engagement objectives.


ARE YOUr people engaged?

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