Sometimes the smallest details can tie an event together and deliver authenticity throughout the experience. AJ recently went “all-in” on this notion at a major tech christening. In addition to the impact of the video reveals and cohesive branding materials, AJ also found opportunities to “dial up” the little touches – like generating code snippets to direct audience members between showtimes. The creative concept gave everyone a peak behind the curtain as the show-runners controlled the environment, revealing “coding moments” to queue up each segment. 


Each piece of code and the language they were written in was matched syntactically and mimicked inside a text editor to instill a sense of authenticity. Sound design enhanced the effect as it emulated a seasoned programmer tapping away on a mouse and keyboard while the programming appeared on a 60’ LED screen. For those paying attention, there were Easter Eggs left in plain sight – taking the message of the interstitial (like “lunch”) and integrating related ideas into the code syntax. The result: although only 15 seconds per snippet, these coding moments deeply resonated with the tech community in attendance, customizing and enhancing their individual experiences in a language only they can understand (literally).