Changing the Volume:  A Burst of Engagement Becomes a Hum

By Dan Lawler, Creative Director

August Jackson recently had the opportunity to evolve its relationship with one of the world’s leading Professional Services firms; leveraging learnings from having produced impactful meetings for them to becoming their partner for internal communications.

It’s a partnership built on putting people first.

For AJ, bringing people together for meetings and events is an opportunity to rally around shared values and goals: to amplify a group’s spirit with a burst of engagement.

We find those who create the most engagement with the communities that matter most to them utilize a burst and hum approach to drive engagement on an ongoing basis.

A burst, a hum- these are the sounds of joy.  Joy in knowing your work is connected to meaning. Joy in knowing you belong to a community of like minds.

There’s a collective effervescence that vibrates into existence when purpose is put into practice. It’s a feeling recently defined in a NY Times article as “…the synchrony you feel when you slide into rhythm with strangers on a dance floor, colleagues in a brainstorming session, cousins at a religious service or teammates on a soccer field.”

With our new Professional Services partnership, we’re capturing the energy of the burst and changing the volume to a steady, buzzing hum of engagement that keeps a unique culture singing all year long.

Theirs is a tune that’s easy to keep humming. 

This firm knows that one of their key differentiators is the fact that how they deliver is almost as important as what they deliver for their client; the feeling of working with them sets them apart from competitors. So, whether they’re meeting or communicating internally, they want to pull through a feeling created by valuing relationships and valuing people.

That pull through is created when we help them see creative engagement opportunities they may not otherwise have thought of.  They’re open to the partnership because they know we too are looking for those volume-boost moments; we too are looking to defy expectations.

The result is memorable, delightful, impactful, just-plain-fun creative ideas that go beyond what you’d expect from an internal virtual meeting or from an internal campaign.

That unexpectedness is born out of valuing people.

There’s a lot riding on an internal event; creating a burst of energy that reanimates a narrative of caring for one another professionally and personally.

Those vital burst moments are our opportunity to bring that spirit to life and then harness it so that spirit doesn’t dissipate.

Now, our job as internal communications partner is making sure the spirit that animates their brand and drives their culture is always humming along, alive and vibrant.

Here’s our chance to turn the volume up and down throughout the year- rechannel the peaks and valleys of their cultural hum to create moments of reflection, celebration and joy echoing all year long.