The USO’s corporate partners, donors and employees.


Rather than canceling this event, the USO called on August Jackson to help create an engaging virtual platform that would make the Summit the meaningful experience it usually is.
At the start of the project, we were presented with several challenges:
– Create a virtual space that fosters connection, peer to peer learning, and networking
– Develop a program that keeps the attention throughout a four-hour event
– Foster connections and create opportunities for two-way dialog amongst event attendees
– Accommodate breakout sessions and smaller targeted discussions


AJ designed a custom event hub that served as the venue for the USO’s pre, during, and post-event communications. This custom Hub incorporated a combination of pages, including:

  • Live event broadcast with embeds for speaker q&a
  • Chats and polling, clickable links inviting guests to attend smaller breakout sessions 
  • On-demand content, both pre and post-event. This was extremely important since the event was over 2-days. 
  • Recaps, even if they didn’t have the ability to attend in-person which helped drive traffic and ongoing engagement. 

Each component was steeped in the USO brand, reinforcing both message and mission through the use of graphics, interstitials, videos, and lower thirds. The Hub, a destination in itself, invited attendees to view content and connect, a critical component to the live event. A custom lookbook with names and contact information allowed guests to stay in touch long after the event was over. The entire Hub was created within the framework of a larger event strategy, allowing its regions to repurpose its functionality for their smaller engagements.


Overall, the virtual event was a success. It reached over 250 partners (over two days), and attendee engagement was at an all-time high.
Because the platform was intentionally designed and built with longevity, the USO team is looking to repurpose aspects for smaller regional events.