CARE 75th Anniversary


To commemorate CARE’s 75th anniversary, this global organization wanted to celebrate its tradition of advocacy and history from the early days following World War II to today while inspiring a new generation to engage in its mission. August Jackson helped CARE create a moment that would anchor the next 75 years.


Over 317K virtual attendees and donors


CARE, a global organization dedicated to ending poverty and hunger, was celebrating its 75th anniversary and in need of a way to engage supporters to take action through advocacy and donations. August Jackson worked directly with CARE and its partners to create three events that celebrated the organization’s milestones and connected with its various audiences.

  1. An Evening with CARE: A virtual event, featuring four former U.S. presidents, President Joe Biden, a roster of celebrity performances and appearances hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, which live streamed and raised awareness and funds internationally to help CARE deliver 1MM CARE Packages in the month of May 2021.
  2. The President’s Reception: A VIP experience leading up to An Evening with CARE where major donors and CARE leaders were treated to a cocktail/mocktail making class, conversations with world leaders, and the opportunity to network with one another in an interactive virtual space using Spatial Chat.
  3. The CARE Package Cook-off: A 30-minute cooking show where celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn tackled the challenge of using original CARE Package ingredients to create a delicious meal in front of a live stream audience. Appearances from celebrity guests and CARE Ambassadors helped encourage viewer advocacy to end global hunger.


The President’s Reception was a VIP experience leading into the Evening with CARE main program. It was VIP for donors, corporate sponsors, and board members. To create a networking and viewing experience that was organic, we used Spatial Chat. In addition, we incorporated designed static imagery, animation, and video, which included a mini-cocktail lesson where a celebrity mixologist walked attendees through mixing a cocktail/mocktail explicitly created for the event.

The President’s Reception moved seamlessly into An Evening with CARE. The international audience enjoyed celebrity performances, interviews, and calls to action by four former presidents and President Joe Biden. AJ developed the run-of-show and script to create impactful moments throughout the program.

The CARE Package Cook-off was an all-hands-on-deck project for AJ. We crafted a run-of-show, script, and collected content from celebrity guests. In addition, we worked with celebrity Chef Spike Mendelson and his partnership with Van Metere Homes to film onsite. The production team used creative video editing to make prerecorded segments feel live and engaging.


Throughout three events, CARE connected with more than 800,000 people. They raised over 1.3 million dollars, expanded their audience by 33%, and delivered a strong message to U.S. policymakers advocating an immediate end to global hunger.