Valerie Jonkoff
Valerie Jonkoff
Creative Director

I put purpose into practice by…

not being the butt of the joke. I’m usually the face of the joke.

Expertise: Speaker Coaching, Narrative Storytelling, Scripting

Valerie checks Buzzfeed 5-7x a day under the guise of “creative research.” She also works with clients to take their message from the page to the stage.

Valerie was a professional actor, but was rejected (as so many are) by the Great White Way, so she moved to Chicago. Once in the Windy City, she auditioned for a musical written by an AJ creative director who also rejected her, but invited her to join AJ instead. End scene.

Valerie personally instated Beyoncé 3:00 at the AJ Chicago office, where she plays a Beyoncé hit (they’re all hits) at full volume at 3:00pm CST every day.

Today, Valerie is a professional actor and singer in Chicago. This passion helps immensely both with Beyoncé 3:00 and also coaching speakers on stage.

When asked why she loves working at AJ, Val said, “Nobody knows what they’re doing either.”

Education: Bachelor of Arts from University of Maryland, College Park (English, Musical Theatre)

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