Troels Soendergaard
Troels Soendergaard
Creative Strategist

I put purpose into practice by…

listening, learning, dissecting, and defining strategic solutions to meet your challenges.

Troels delicately avoids ever telling anyone how it should be. Instead, he listens and asks the right questions, organically and creatively steering the conversations.

Troels is a jack of all trades and a migrant of the world. He initially studied architecture in Copenhagen and Milano. He then moved onto creative communications working at NGO’s in both Bangkok and Chicago where he found his true calling: Communication Strategy. With a heavy backpack of experiences and learnings, he brings a unique point of view.

In everything he does, he has remained true to his quest of challenging the status quo and building upon the foundation he is given. In multiple positions he has completely revamped the communications existing platform to help the organization work smarter and better.

Troels is driven by his inquisitive nature on how people and things function. He’s always building something, fixing something, or taking something apart to understand its make. Often in his personal life, he is researching a vast array of subjects, such as how to tailor pants, animate videos, fix garage doors, or build bathrooms. This mindset has granted him a large and diverse skillset.

When asked why he loves working at AJ, Troels said, “I was thrilled to join a squad of smart and funny people, all working through a shared purpose—and it doesn’t hurt that we have amazing clients!”

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