Sarah Ross
Sarah Ross
Senior Account Manager

I put purpose into practice by…

advocating for our clients to ensure they see AJ as an extension of their own team and feel confident in our partnership every step of the way.

Sarah’s role is to align teams, resources and insights with her clients’ business priorities to deliver meaningful solutions that resonate and drive organizational success. As a senior account lead, she is experienced managing client relationships, multidisciplinary agency teams and vendors across a portfolio of accounts in the corporate, higher education and nonprofit sectors. She is adept at navigating new industries and client challenges to tailor our approach to the needs of the client while ensuring a consistent experience across projects and deliverables.

Sarah has partnered with clients in many of their most critical moments to deliver innovative campaigns, events, and solutions that have served as a catalyst for their future growth and success.

As an avid baker who also enjoys painting and photography, Sarah brings a creative perspective to her account role. Her attention to detail in her personal passions translates to a keen awareness of the numerous elements involved in any project and the necessity of keeping both small details and the end result top of mind, while also being open to discovering new approaches to reaching those outcomes.

When asked why she loves working at AJ, Sarah said, “The culture at AJ truly reflects the values we set for ourselves. Each person is empowered from day one, and new ideas are met with enthusiasm, appreciation and support. The people here also respect one another both personally and professionally. It’s a great feeling to walk in the door and genuinely enjoy working with the people around you!”

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