Kjell Kvanbeck
Kjell Kvanbeck
Director, Creative, Video Production

I put purpose into practice by…

creating engaging work that speaks through the unique voice of each individual client.

Expertise: Visual Storytelling, Video Direction, Creative Solutions

Kjell specializes in the look and feel of video content and has shot everything from award-winning short films, corporate videos, music videos, international ads, and many projects in between. With over a decade of experience, Kjell is always eager to create new work and refine his voice as a storyteller.

According to Kjell, one of his greatest achievements was a short film, “Golden,” which he wrote, directed, edited and composed the musical score for. He took the film across the country to film festivals and it was nominated for (and won) several awards. It was even curated for an art exhibit through the Minnesota Film Society.

“The best feeling, regardless of the project, is being able to communicate through film and art. I’ve always been passionate about using my own lens to get closer to understanding the nature of human emotion and behavior,” said Kjell.

When asked why he loves working at AJ, Kjell said, “Passion recognizes passion and it is easy to see that in the culture and people at AJ. Being able to work with other communicators passionate about their discipline is an opportunity I am grateful for.”

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago (Film, Cinema, Video Studies)

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