Josh Lozar
Josh Lozar
Design Director

I put purpose into practice by…

telling unexpected stories through design and over-caffeinating.

Expertise: Client Service, Event Strategy, Event Planning, Content Development, Tradeshows

Josh takes the clients DNA from pencil to pixel and gives them a voice to spread their story to the world. Growing up in Ohio and working as a Cranky Pressman, Josh used to have a ton of ink on his hands setting type. Now, there’s still ink on his hands, but he’s building brand launches and engaging experiences all around the East Coast.

In reflecting on his proudest career moments to date, Josh said, “Not everyone gets to work with their favorite toy as a grown-up, but making store displays for Lego has been a pleasant highlight. Other than that, just hearing ‘that’s so cool’ is one of the highest compliments.”

When he’s not throwing pixels on the screen, Josh can be found throwing a frisbee in the park. Part of a few Ultimate Frisbee teams and a runner, he loves to stay active outside of work. If he’s not running around, you can find him crafting fantastic stories with his friends, fighting dragons and battling celestial crime by rolling dice.

When asked why he loves working at AJ, Josh said, “Being surrounded by passionate people is something I love. The drive and positivity are infectious and pushes the work into an amazing place.”

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kent State University (Visual Communication Design)

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