Josh Johns
Josh Johns
EVP, Strategy

I put purpose into practice by…

engaging in every new project with the zest of an explorer in uncharted territory and the will of a cartographer eager to map the terrain.

As AJ’s lead Strategist, Josh uncovers insights, connects the dots, and helps clients see the big picture in sharp focus. He translates strategy into clear direction, leading to an experience that delivers results.

For Josh, the most inspiring brands and resonant messages reflect both clarity and surprise, cultivated from a career that led from software and start-ups into advertising, video games, and film. He articulates intention and cultivates insights within each engagement—creating frameworks for strategic alignment across teams and divisions.

Josh has created donor engagement strategies, campaign message platforms and experiential brand strategies for Northwell Health, Duke University, Harvard Business School, MIT, NYU, and Rice University. He has helped launch software products for Microsoft, introduce new brands for Kellogg’s and Nissan, and architect web campaigns for The Mayo Clinic and T. Rowe Price, among others, bringing that combined experience to bear on advancing the missions of our clients.

A love of maps and an unquenchable thirst to discover new places, people, and experiences has led Josh into adventures across six continents. His love of travel and geography inspires him to view client engagements as journeys—with new cultures to absorb and new territory to explore and map.

When asked why he loves working at AJ, Josh said, “Our clients do critical work for society – advancing innovation, knowledge, health, and hope—and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to help them share their stories.”

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