Jen Donahue
Jen Donahue
VP, Managing Account Director, Higher Education

I put purpose into practice by…

having boundless curiosity and being a lifelong learner.

Expertise: Higher Education, Fundraising, Communications Strategy, Donor Engagement

As Managing Account Director, Jen works with clients and AJ team members to ask the right questions and find dynamic answers that elevate the mission and brand, but most importantly, enhance people’s connection to both.

Working with organizations from Pfizer to the Peace Corps, as well as some of the top names in higher education (Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, RPI, University of Maryland), Jen’s work has included strategy, tactical planning, marketing, and analytics. From corporate affairs to community development to donor engagement, Jen has helped organizations express their story in ways that make other people want to be a part of it.

When asked to recall some of her greatest career achievements, Jen said, “At a donor event I designed, a student came up to shake my hand and said that he couldn’t wait to come back to the event – as a donor. Moments like these, where what I’ve created didn’t just resonate, it inspired, are why I love my work.” While Jen has exceeded many goals and elevated many standards, to her nothing beats a teary eye, a quivering voice, and an opened heart.

Jen loves to explore, be it a new restaurant, a Chicago neighborhood, a foreign country, a new play, or a topic that recently piqued her interest. She brings this drive to her work, always wanting to know more, to dig deeper, and to go beyond the expected.

When asked why she loves working at AJ, Jen said, “AJ is mission-focused and excellence-driven. That plus the thoughtful, creative culture and genuine camaraderie made it a perfect fit.”

Education: Bachelor of Arts from New York University (Politics, Economics)

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