Jeff Wingstrom
Jeff Wingstrom
VP, Technology & Systems

I put purpose into practice by…

enabling the right technologies and personalized support in order to allow our staff and clients to focus on great work and relationships.

In the early 1980s, Jeff got his hands on a TI 99/4a computer and the rest is history… he’s been passionate about technology ever since. Following a college job at the University of Wisconsin Computer Sciences Department, Jeff jumped into the world of Enterprise IT. Fast-forward 21 years later, he continues to connect people and technology with a personalized, human touch. Today, Jeff leads the IT group at August Jackson in its mission to design, build, and maintain services and technologies that best support AJ’s creative talents.

One of Jeff’s greatest skills is his ability to oversee and drive IT operations during great moments of change and growth at AJ. He minimizes disruptions and clearly communicates changes along the way as different priorities come into focus from leadership and production staff.

All in all, Jeff’s boundless curiosity to take things apart and figure out how they work (and a knack for explaining what he learned in a simple, straightforward way) has served him and his constituents very well.

When asked why he loves working at AJ, Jeff said, “It’s the creative and dedicated personalities throughout AJ that make me love this workplace. There’s also a ‘show must go on’ vibe that has always been exciting and energizing — never a dull moment!

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