Jean Ogilvie
Jean Ogilvie
Associate Creative Director

I put purpose into practice by…

gardening my ideas—pulling up the ones that just take up space so I can cultivate the blossoms.

Expertise: Branding & Identity, Leadership Communications, Communications Campaigns, Digital & Video Communications, Copywriting, Bilingual (Spanish)

Jean’s work is an ongoing experiment to understand what she did to deserve the nicknames “Mean Jean” and, conversely, “Jean, Jean the [actual professional skill] machine.”

Jean’s career to date is a “choose-your-own-adventure” book:

A handful of grad students vows to speak only Spanish for a summer in Vermont, playing volleyball in between cramming for exams in 90s Avant-Garde Literature.

To learn more about Middlebury College’s career-readiness programs, turn to page 23.

Otherwise, continue reading.

In search of more linguistic immersion, Jean travels to Spain, where she gains fluency and begins to inform her creative sensibility through exposure to Flamenco, surrealist art, and varied cultural mishaps.

To learn about the flan incident, turn to page 74.

Otherwise, continue reading.

As collegiate activities often do, the soft skills Jean picked up abroad afforded her almost instant career success at a Marketing agency in Chicago. Seven years later, she joined AJ.

To learn the real length of Jean’s post-grad job search, turn to page 225. 

Otherwise, continue reading.

In conclusion, when asked why she loves working at AJ, Jean said, “Trading flan for s’mores and the hills of Vermont for the shores of Annapolis, last year AJ let me transform our annual meeting into adult summer camp. That is how I went From Spanish Camp to Camp Lorem Ipsum. The End.”

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Illinois Wesleyan University (Hispanic Studies); Master of Arts from New York University (Spanish Language, Translation)

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