David Himmel
David Himmel
Creative Director

I put purpose into practice by…

looking beyond the hype to find the heart and telling that story with just the right amount of humor and irreverence.

Expertise: Creative Writing, Detailed Editing, Concept Development, Breaking the Tension, Storytelling Effectiveness, Presentation Coaching

As a Creative Director at August Jackson, David thinks. He listens. He thinks some more. He acts. He looks out the window at his sailboat in Monroe Harbor. He tries not to talk about his sailboat.

A gale force of curiosity, David’s pursuits have led him to be a radio DJ, an author, several different team mascots, the editor in chief of a health magazine, a Second City-trained actor, a momentary Kardashian biographer, a stand-up comic, and the owner of three Volkswagen hatchbacks. He also wrote an essay about Milli Vanilli 25 years after the band’s rise to fame that caught the attention of former member Fabrice Morvan. This led to a three-hour Skype session between the two where they discussed music, the meaning of love, and German discos.

Few things are worse than lazy thinking. David is fueled by a passion to think in ways that haven’t been thought before. When we do this, we communicate the nuance of our intentions, we keep our stories interesting, and we inspire each other to take bold action for the greater good.

When asked why he loves working at AJ, David said, “This place has the right kind of energy and the right kind of geeky weirdness. I’ve been hunting this white whale all my professional life. Take that, Ahab.”

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from UNLV—where the ‘N’ stands for ‘Knowledge.’ Kidding. It stands for Nevada. But you knew that.

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