Christina Schreiner
Christina Schreiner
Account Director

I put purpose into practice by…

the “duck method.” Calm on the surface, but underneath, I’m working like crazy to support your goals and handle the process.

Expertise: Client Service, Event Strategy, Planning, Content Development, Trade Shows

Christina leads a set of accounts within the agency to deliver quality work that meets the client’s needs and addresses their business objectives. She is driven by her passion for adding value and making herself an invaluable partner to our client teams. With over a dozen years of experience in both traditional and experiential marketing, Christina has worked with some of the world’s most influential brands, including Ford, Hilton and Boeing, to help them engage in impactful and meaningful ways with their communities.

Christina’s work has been awarded by both Hermes Creative Awards and the Association of Media and Publishing, but her most significant achievement was launching the brand Tru, by Hilton. Tru currently holds the fastest growing pipeline in the history of the hospitality industry with new locations popping up every day.

When asked from where she draws inspiration, Christina responded passionately: “Pure Barre. As an instructor for five years, I have had the opportunity to help clients achieve their fitness goals, which is a strong parallel to my everyday role at AJ. While there are always bumps in the road, it’s important celebrate the little milestones that help make you stronger.”

Why does Christina love working at AJ? “When you are surrounded by people who always want you to succeed, it’s impossible to fail.”

Education: Bachelor of Arts from State University of New York College at Brockport (Communications, Interpersonal and Persuasive Communication)

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