Chris Neuguth
Chris Neuguth
Associate Producer

I put purpose into practice by…

always bringing positive energy and enthusiasm to the table!

Expertise: Media Production, Team Management, Budgeting, Client Service, Content Development

As an associate producer, Chris builds and strengthens client relationships, ensures that day-to-day operations always flow smoothly and keeps the team organized and on the same page.

Chris’s diverse work experiences give him a unique perspective at AJ. In the past, he’s managed marketing for a small ed-tech start-up, fundraising for an improv team, creative direction and production for a satire publication’s video team and consultative sales for a law firm. He’s proud of his versatile background and the openness and adaptability that led him here.

When he’s not at the office, Chris loves improv comedy! He’s in the middle of iO’s training program and was on two teams in college. To Chris, it’s more than a fun thing to do after work or a silly show to come watch; it’s a way of life. Improv encourages you to get out of your head and to dive headfirst into a new experience. Don’t think twice and always yes and!

When asked why he loves working at AJ, Chris said, AJ is the perfect place for me because of the AJ Family. Everyone is so friendly and open to collaboration which makes it easy to learn about the various disciplines within our agency and have a blast working in it!”

Education: Bachelor’s Degrees from University of Wisconsin- Madison (Communication Arts: Radio, TV & Film with a Certificate in Digital Studies)

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