Brittney Blanco
Brittney Blanco
Design Director

I put purpose into practice by…

having a cup of “positivitea” every morning.

While she specializes in presentation design, Brittany has gained a diverse design background through completing a multitude of projects – from a simple logo to large-scale wall graphics in a public setting.

After graduating from Clarke University in Dubuque, Iowa in 2014, Brittney began working with corporate clients, such as GoDaddy and John Deere, fresh out of her cap and gown. Following this experience, she made the choice to pack her bags and head for The Windy City where she was able to naturally adapt and immerse herself into an agency setting.

Brittney climbed her way up the creative ladder as a Junior Art Director, taking the lead with clients such as AT&T and DIRECTV. And while it’s been rewarding to win the business of top corporate clients (along with the help of her colleagues past and present), Brittney finds her greatest joy in the moment a client reacts to her work. “There’s nothing better than to hear how your design made such a substantial impact on someone’s life or simply just made someone smile. It’s the little things,” said Brittney.

In her spare time, Brittney loves to travel. Whether for work or on a personal holiday, she finds inspiration in everything she sees and does. From grand architecture to a bit of landscape, Brittney has the ability to see everything from a new perspective when she travels, and she’s able to bring that newfound insight into her everyday work.

When asked why she loves working at AJ, Brittney said, “I could never have imagined being given the opportunity to work in an environment where the culture, people, and opportunity mesh together seamlessly. I feel as though I hit the jackpot when coming onboard to join the August Jackson team. The amount of warmth and positive energy from everyone is a breath of fresh air.”

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts from Clarke University (Graphic Design)

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