Annie Korkowski
Annie Korkowski
Associate Creative Director

I put purpose into practice by…

surrounding myself with people and places that ignite curiosity. 

Expertise: Copywriting & Editing, Social Media Marketing, Video Directing, Scripting, Speech Coaching, Improvisation

Annie specializes in creating emotional and intellectual connections and experiences between brand messages and target audiences. Through her journalism experience of reporting and writing, Annie understands how to tell a story—whether that be through the written word, a visual experience consisting of video and photography, or through live, tangible moments. She is a question queen—but we promise she isn’t that nosey.

Annie completed Improvisation training at The Second City Training Center, seeking to improve her listening, thinking and impersonation skills—all of which come to life on a daily basis (some stronger than others). She’s also the 2017 Unsung Heroine of AJ.

Annie made a promise to herself to travel internationally once a year for as long as her mind, body and bank account can handle. She seeks to fill her life with an array of cultures, adventures and, of course, amazing food. And in doing so, she remains inspired by the beautiful people and places in our world, curious and hungry for more.

When asked why she loves working at AJ, Annie said, “Simply put, AJ is family. These people motivate me—they are mothers, fathers, friends, entrepreneurs, artists, comedians, actors, athletes, creative geniuses. They are hilarious, kind, gentle, smart and witty. And I am grateful to know and work with them every day!”

Education: Bachelor of Arts from University of Iowa (Journalism, Political Science)

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