By Caitlin Townsend, Creative Strategist

A great fundraising campaign brand can be a powerful asset to your donor engagement strategy. It can provide a platform for your vision, an expression of your organization’s unique mission and character, and a sense of urgency and focus above and beyond other messages your donors see.

Because a campaign involves many layered goals—from aligning internally and driving organizational change to deepening donor relationships and engaging new stakeholders—a campaign brand has distinct characteristics and a specific job to do.

Here are a few of the key characteristics that make a campaign brand successful:

1) It’s transitional by design.

A campaign brand gives a name and identity to a moment of significance in the life of your organization. It helps build a bridge from where your organization is today to where you are going. It must connect with timeless, essential aspects of your organization, but it must also reach ahead to paint a picture of the future you are working toward. A great campaign brand helps rally your community for a specific moment in time to achieve a specific vision.

2) It’s built for conversation.

Because the success of your fundraising strategy depends on face-to-face engagement and building long-lasting relationships with your donors, a great campaign brand gives your gift officers a fresh, arresting, and meaningful way to start new conversations. Your campaign brand will appear in a variety of places during the life of your fundraising campaign (from mobile devices and printed brochures to large banners at campus events), but the real measure of its success is whether it serves as a useful platform for conversations that inspire and engage your donors. The best brand for your campaign may not be the most flashy or clever in execution; more often than not, the winning formula is the simplest expression of a powerful idea.