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insights are what we value

Pharma brands have focused on the intermediary relationship with healthcare providers as the key to business success. In reality, diagnoses, prescriptions and procedures are still at the root of transactions; yet, it is critical for companies to understand that the role of its ultimate audience — the patient — has changed. Patients have more control over their dollars and decisions than ever before. In turn, companies have to adjust their strategy to go beyond share of wallet. With patients as consumers, they must capture not only share of mind, but share of heart as well.

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audience first

There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing an audience transform before your very eyes. It’s amazing to watch a single moment (often crafted weeks in advance) create the anticipated audience reaction. But often we can get so caught up in the messages we need to impart that we forget about the people receiving them — the audience — and the part their reaction plays in telling our story.

Audiences give meaning to message.

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