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Idea Grifting

by Susannah Y.

I straight up DOVE into this article last night.  It's a fascinating story about "author" Quentin Rowan, who built a pretty formidable resume — poems published in The Paris Review, acclaimed spy novels, etc. -- solely off of plagiarizing. 

But he wasn't plagiarizing from just one source — he was assembling entire novels piecemeal from a huge variety of obscure sources.  Obviously, the great irony of the situation is that doing that and doing it well is actually much harder than just sitting down and bringing your own idea to life.

The whole case is interesting because it raises a lot of questions about the nature of creativity.  The notion of idea-recycling as a bad thing is pretty new, and it's not like there are vast amounts of art and writing that are completely, utterly original.  Most of being creative is being able to make connections among things and draw new life from those connections…and isn't that kind of what Rowan was doing?

The Plagarist's Tale



by Lisa S.


A reminder that people – children and adults alike – respond not just to free stuff but also to FUN. Whether it’s a proposal to the IRS to help them convince people to pay their taxes, or a healthcare client trying to convince a salesforce that they really CAN add a product to their bag, FUN can play an important role in persuasion.      

Making Good Citizenship Fun




Are we working in a liquid network environment?

by Katie H.


Stockholm's Design Lab gives Swedish Pharmacy "A Happy Pill"

by David E.

Amazing & fresh design work over in Sweden for an unexpected client type. Stockholm Design Lab created some cheery graphics for a line of in-hospital pharmacies with the goal being "to help the pharmacies distinguish and contrast themselves from the often very clinical and barren environments that hospitals make out.” Also noted is the fact that research has "shown that positive environmental factors can reduce patients’ anxiety and even contribute to their overall well-being. SDL’s design, then, offers a small glimpse of cheer in an all-too-often stressful setting."

Great stuff here.


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